Rifugio Barbellino

Of Paradise

From 8 June refuge open on weekends.
From mid-June to mid-September, the refuge is open every day.
From mid-September to mid-October, the refuge is open on weekends.

Oasis Of Peace

  An oasis of peace surrounded by nature. A long silence interrupted by the sound of the cold white waters of the Serio river which, flowing between the rocks smoothed by ancient glaciers, attract you and enchant the view. It is here that the mind is freed, the body relaxes and the thought rises until it reaches beyond the imposing peaks.    

The “Ludwigsburg al Barbellino” refuge fits into this majestic and natural environment welcoming hikers in a comfortable and familiar environment.  

Lago Gelt

What we offer

Located in the splendid basin, the Barbellino refuge is located a few steps from the natural lake of the Barbellino, an oasis of peace in a natural and uncontaminated environment. 

Arrival point for many, the refuge is in an ideal position to reach the numerous peaks of the area with excursions to discover the numerous lakes, passes and peaks such as Pizzo strinato, Monte Torena, diavolo di Malgina, Cime di Caronella etc. 

An accurate restaurant welcomes hikers with tasty dishes typical of the Orobic tradition. The refuge has 70 bed.  

Beautiful Mountains

Reachable by    E-Bike

Traditional cuisine

70 Beds

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Cime principali delle orobie

Monte Torena

La conca
del Barbellino

Cascate del serio

Lago gelt


  The “Ludwigsburg al Barbellino” Refuge is located at the foot of Monte Torena, where the Serio River rises, in the heart of the Orobie Park. It is the basis of wonderful excursions that reach 3000 meters. (Monte Torena, Cime di Caronella, Pizzo Strinato, Monte Gleno, Diavolo di Malgina ...) but also ideal for walks within everyone's reach ... Tour of the lakes (refuge, Caronella pass, Gelt lake and Malgina lake)  

Driven by passion and love for the mountains, we have been managing the Barbellino tifugio since last year, with us you will find cordiality and professionalism, we are at your disposal for any request, advice and information on the trails and the surrounding area

Marzia Albricci
Mario Fornoni

gestori Rifugio Barbellino


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Rifugio Barbellino

Fixed satellite line at the refuge, no WI-FI. No operator available in the area. Ideal for DIGITAL DETOX.

  • rif.barbellino@gmail.com
  • Tel:  0346-466859
  • 3289078105 - Marzia
  • 3472904768 - Mario